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Welcome to the official site of the Oldham and Rochdale Badminton League. We are one of the longest-standing badminton leagues in the North West, formed originally in 1950’s after a group of friends decided to form a competitive mixed doubles league.

It’s fair to say we have had our ups and downs but today we are enjoying a resurgence of interest with our open league now has 2 Divisions and teams from across Oldham and Rochdale joined by new teams from Bury and Edenfield. Because it’s an open league, any combination of men and women can play as long as they can regularly field 6 players.

You will find on our website details of all the current clubs, when and where they play and you are welcome to contact any of them or me as the league chair if you are interested in playing at a club. Most clubs will welcome people to come down and give it a go before you decide if it’s for you and a smaller number of clubs run social badminton during the evening where you can practice, make friends, and have fun whilst getting fitter. If you are interested why not get in touch and try it out.

You might already play regularly with a group of people and be looking for more competition and challenge. If so then you are ideally placed to enter a team or possibly play some friendly matches against existing club teams just to see where you stand. If so please get in touch

The league starts playing match fixtures at the end of September and plays through until the end of March. A number of clubs do play social badminton throughout the summer.