ORBL Constitution

1 – NAME

The league shall be known as the Oldham and Rochdale Badminton League, founded in 1995 being a merger of the Oldham and District Badminton League (est. 1946) and the Rochdale Area Badminton League (est. 1952).


The league is not affiliated (since the EGM of 2006) to any county or national organization. Member clubs are likewise under no obligation to affiliate to any outside body.


The objectives of the league shall be the encouragement and advancement of badminton in the area, and the provision of regular competitive matches.


The Officers shall be elected at the AGM and shall be; the President, Chairman, Vice-chairman, League Secretary, Treasurer, Press and Results Secretary, Tournament Secretary.


The Management Committee shall consist of the Officers of the League and 4 other members who shall be elected at the AGM. The MC shall have the power to co-opt members in case of a shortfall. Excluding Officers, no club shall have more than one member serving on the MC.


The membership shall be agreed at the AGM, or at the discretion of the MC.


The AGM shall be held by the end of May. Notice of the AGM, complete with requests for proposals for Officers and MC Members, and invitations for alterations and/or additions to the rules, shall be forwarded to clubs by March 31st.. Such proposals as above should be returned to the League Secretary by the third Saturday in April. The formal AGM Agenda will then be sent to clubs by April 30th.. All such proposals shall be duly proposed and seconded. Voting at the AGM shall be on the basis of one vote per existing member team (providing that multi-vote teams have the same number of individuals as teams actually present).


An EGM may be convened on any motion which bears the signatures of the Secretaries of 6 member clubs or at the behest of the MC. The notice convening the EGM shall specify the business of the meeting and shall be posted to Club Secretaries not less than seven days prior to the meeting.


Each club shall nominate a Club Secretary.


All subscriptions must be paid to the League Treasurer at the commencement of the season. Clubs not having met their financial obligations by October 1st. will be subject to removal from the League.

11 – LEAGUE RULES AND FIXTURES (Amended 26-05-16)

Amended League Rules and new fixtures will be available on the ORBL website prior to the season commencement.


Full club details shall be supplied to the League Secretary by July 31st.


All trophies shall remain the property of the League, and must be returned in good condition to the Tournament Secretary by April 1st.


Any disputes or appeals on any matter connected with the League shall be submitted in writing to the League Secretary. If concerning fixtures such correspondence shall be directed to the Press and Results Secretary. The MC shall uphold the League rules and their decisions shall be binding on all members. Any matters not provided for in the rules shall be decided by the MC in its absolute discretion, in the best interests of the League and its members.